Created to Play

Have you ever thought about how easy it is for most children to play? I only say most because I have a child with autism, and play doesn’t seem to come naturally for him. Yet he does get a tremendous amount of pleasure from watching the soap bubbles in the sink, or watching a spinning top…so maybe it is safe to say all, with the understanding that play looks different for him. So all kids play. And isn’t it beautiful to behold? The whispered pretendings, the made up songs, the Lego buildings, the play-dough creations, the superhero dramatics, the water color pictures….I love it all!

We loved to play as children.  When did we stop playing?  Or did we stop at all?  If we’re honest, we’ll admit that we like to play as much as they do! Who doesn’t have angry birds or draw something on the iPhone? We watch sports, we play sports (even when it kills our knees!), we play instruments, we watch movies, we joke with our friends, we sew, we bake cupcakes… we need play in our lives! We are creative beings that need that outlet to express ourselves! I believe we create because we were created by a very loving creative God. It will look different in each of our lives, but you won’t feel complete if you never find joy in what you are made to do .  You’ll long for it. It’s not hard to find if you just take the time to look for the joy in the everyday.

So today as you go about your daily duties, find a way to play in the presence of the seemingly mundane moments. Sing while you sort the laundry, dance while you clean the kitchen, joke with your children and enjoy their laughter. Really be in the moment during the 100th time of catch with your 2 year old. Enjoy the simple act of throwing and catching the ball. Maybe your job just seems like a huge stress. Find something you can do that brings out joy. Celebrate the small accomplishments of your work. Each small accomplishment adds up to the big ones. Whether you are creating excel documents, or a clean house, may your day be creative and joyful today. Look for the simple pleasures in life!


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