Who is this lady?

This lady, is Chesna, and I have many other titles as well.  Like, Wife,  Mom, Chef Cook, Domestic Engineer House Cleaner, and Autism Researcher Mom. These are the voyages of the star ship …. well, you get the point.  Everyday is filled with a range of good, bad, and ugly, but God gives me grace to do it all for His glory, even when I feel I fail miserably.  I hope you will feel free to add your thoughts to this little blog, sharing what life is like in your part of the galaxy. Now, “Engage!”  (Wait, don’t go! Was that too much?  Too trekky for you?  Don’t worry, this blog is not about star trek, just a mom who loves crafty things, random things,  geeky things, but above all, one man, and 4 little people) Our kids range from 4-12, and we have one with autism.  He adds his own random touch to our little lives, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! I’m sure you’ll hear about some random good and bad moments from time to time. I’m constantly trying to figure out what we can do to help our son.  You’ll hear about that as well as what I’m learning about healthy living, DIY style. I also like to make artsy craftsy things, and I’ll share those on here too.  If you feel inspired, I hope you’ll share my little blog and facebook page with your friends and family!

I’m glad you’re here, and I hope to get to know you, too!



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